Thursday, 1 April 2010


Team Dublin away tour diary 1: BARCELONA I'm gonna put it out there and say that I think we've just found our new home away from home. From the moment we stepped off the plane we were like "hell ya! Barcelona baby!" (Actually no one really said that- I lied just there). Anyway I don't think we have ever travelled to a host city and received such a big welcome as we did from the peeps we'd be battling against. Chino (Barca Manager) and the rest of Secret Wars Barcelona are coolest bunch of lads. These guys didn't just want to have a battle- they wanted to throw a party and to make us feel apart of it & their family as much as possible. Hugs all around made it special. Having done the whole site seeing buzz during the day we got set for a Secret Wars pre party in probably the nicest tapas restaurant that our boy Chino hooked up called Bar Pepino. No joke...please if anyone is reading this hit up that spot! You won't be disappointed. All this kicked off @ 9pm and went on till 12am...before our head to head clash in The Apolo.

Secret Wars ad in Bar Pepino

Sunny side up smiley face starter and an Edding Marker main course


As far as first impressions go- um ya you could say that the Barcelona battle was about average and that maybe 1 or 2 people showed up. I mean it wasn't as if a massive crowd of say 1200 people would want to come...would they?!

CORRECT ladies & gentlemen (senoras y senores) - 1200 crazy peeps queued for 30min outside the venue and around the corner for an old fashion Secret Wars showdown that kicked off @ 1.30am....on a Thursday night! When you have these many people outside, waiting to pack out an old Spanish theatre -you know this is gonna be a good night regardless of the results.

When the G-Shock clock hit 1.30am the battle was on like Donkey Kong. Team Dublin had they're Edding pens on and Team Barcelona had they're black pens, white pens and sketches on (A school boy error in the Secret Wars handbook). Throughout the night the crowd were insane just vibin......I suppose this wasn't your regular battle right? this was Barcelona throwing a party that had local and international Dj's spinning along with sick B-Boys doing there thing. Chino and co. went full out on this one- even the host was bad ass. Being pimped to the max in bling wearing a banging 70's getup has respect written in my books for sure. As the night went on both teams really pulled through showing equal skill on two well rounded compositions. When it came time to vote Dublin knocked up a guest judge putting us in the lead. Next up was the crowd vote which got super hazy and had to be done 4 times. The final crowd vote went to the home team Barcelona which we were super bummed. Lastly it came down to one last guest judge who was swayed to Barca's battle piece to take the lead and win 2-1. As disappointed as we were losing..the night was far from over. I mean your in Barcelona and Benji Boko was about to hit the stage. Lets just say I've censored a lot of the finner details, but like I said regardless of the result everyone partied hard till the early hours. This is a battle Team Dublin will not forget..NOT for losing but for having an incredible 24 hrs.

MUCHO MUCHO respect to you Chino and everyone in the Barcelona camp. For putting on the first ever official Secret Wars battle in Barcelona we tip our hats to you big time! Secret Wars is alive in Barca and we will be coming back for sure. Next time we meet however will be in Dublin Town....We're ready are you?

A big shout out to all the peeps that showed up in Barcelona and to our sponsors Edding,
Reebok, G-Shock & Flip which captured some serious moments.

Step into the world of Secret Wars Barcelona

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